Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Cleaning is one of those chores that is necessary.  For me it isn't something that I like or dislike doing, it just needs doing and I prefer to spend as little time or money doing it as possible.  I also try to reduce the amount of chemicals we use around the home, one - because they are costly and two - how harmful are they to us?

In the past when cleaning using chemicals I always felt like I needed a shower afterwards, that was before I discovered Enjo.  I had several of their microfibre cloths, some I found effective and some not so effective.

Just last year I was invited by a close friend to a party she was having to sell a product, similar to Enjo, called Norwex.  I was determined not to buy anything after the hit and miss results I had with Enjo.  That was until I saw these microfibre cloths in use.  They (in my opinion) are brilliant!  I have been using them for over a year now and have never found cleaning easier.  All you literally need is water and these cloths.

Norwex cleaning products
My mother who is 64 and would have to be the biggest skeptic about, has also been converted to these cloths, along with my 20 year old daughter and my aunty from Victoria.  I bought a basic kit for my Aunty and posted it to her with the instructions that if she didn't like them just to post them back and I would be more than happy to use them myself.  On the day she recieved the cloths she sent me a text "One word - Amazing".  She loves them and I am sure would love to purchase more.

I was still a skeptic however when it came to the oven and grill cleaner as I had been told there was only a pleasant smell, no caustic fumes and it would clean easier than the everyday oven cleaners.  After two years of not cleaning my oven (this job I really do HATE) I bought some of the product.  Now bearing in mind how much baked on grease I had on my oven by this stage, it did take me four goes to remove the grime, but I did not find the smell offensive, didn't have to wear gloves and I still think it removed the baked on grease easier.  Now I am completely converted!

I spoke in an earlier post about the trouble I had removing baked on sugar from my cooktop until I remembered my Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner.  I just heated the hotplate slightly then sprayed the cleaner onto it.  I left it for a few minutes and then simply wiped away most of the burnt sugar.  There is still some residue on it but prior to this I simply wouldn't have been able to use the hotplate at all!  I am talking serious baked on sugar, so much so that there was almost a small mountain in the middle.  So to remove most of it was certainly a huge bonus.  I am hoping the rest will come off with time.

Norwex is a product that I have found works for me and my situation.  It may not be something everyone else likes and I have in no way been approached by Norwex to promote their products.  This is simply my opinion.

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