Monday, April 30, 2012


I love to crochet and while I am only a novice at it, crochet keeps my hands busy at night and my eyes open.  Without something to do they seem to have a habit of closing!  The blanket I have crocheted above is from instructions found here Attic24.  Lucy's instructions for the ripple blanket are really easy to follow and the result is just brilliant.  This blanket is for someone special whose birthday is yet to come.  I hope they like it.

I have yet to crochet a blanket for our youngest daughter.  I must have been slack while pregnant with her as our eldest daughter had one made for her but not the youngest.  I promised her that the next one I would make would be hers and her instructions were bright and granny squares.  While I have no problems with the bright request I just couldn't bring myself to do Granny Squares so decided on Granny Hexagons again over at Attic24.  This is the result so far, but I have worked out I need at least another 90!  I do believe there is just over 30 here now!  It is amazing how hard it is to keep coming up with different colour combinations.  To date I don't think I have done two the same, not too bad considering I am only using 8 colours.  No doubt that will change as I increase the quantity of hexagons.

To me crochet is one of the easiest crafts (obviously depending on the item you are working on).  I can't remember who taught me to crochet, it may have been my Grandmother who is now 90, but I can't be sure.  I know it is something I have always done and it never seems to matter how long in between crocheting it is something I never seem to have trouble picking up, kind of like remembering how to ride a bike I suppose, which is another whole post for another day (bike riding that is).  If crocheting is something you would like to have a go at there are plenty of videos on YouTube to look at that explain the method really well.  Once you have mastered the basics I would suggest choosing a pattern that is repetitive, blankets are really good, and as your skills increase you can work on more complicated items.

My next crochet project after these and after finished a bunny rug for a girlfriends grandchild, is a light summer cardigan.  This will be something that will really work my brain so should be a good challenge.  I will be using this wool purchased from Jodie at Jellywares.  She was extremely helpful with my yarn choice and an absolute dream to deal with.  I would highly recommend her for your next yarn purchase.

Good luck and take care

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  1. Gorgeous ripple, makes me want to dive right in the colours are so refreshing!
    Lovely visiting with you, looking forward to seeing how the cardigan comes along..
    Love Luce xxxxx