Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lady Bugs

Friday 25th May 2012

I have been trying to build up a gift stash.  Somewhere to go to get a gift at the last minute.  Hopefully all handmade also.  This has seen me cruising the Internet to get inspiration.  I came up with a cute idea that is reasonably quick to make, doesn't use heaps of material and should easily fit in a standard size envelope so is cheap and easy to post.
It is a cute little key holder.  Can you see the key ring hanging out the bottom?

Here it is with keys attached and when you pull on the leaves at the ladybugs mouth the keys go into the body.

This helps to prevent them from rattling around in your bag and marking everything, and because the red wings are so bright she should be easy to find in my handbag.

When I showed hubby he said it looks good, but he doesn't have to have one does he?  I told him YES and I was going to make a fish one for him!  LOL.  Seriously, that is a good idea though so I might have a go at one of those later!  Stay tuned.  There will be more of these to come!

After posting about my quilts the other day, I went searching for some blocks I had been working on more than two years ago.  For some reason I thought I had finished more than one block!
Feathered Friends quilt by Cinderberry Stitches

When I picked up the second one - nowhere close to finished - I realized why I had put it away.  My eyes just don't see as well as they used to so hand embroidery has to be something I do during the day and leave the crocheting to night when I don't need such good light.
I am excited to be back stitching again!

This quilt is by a very talented Australian lady called Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches.  She does such whimsical designs.  I have one block down and eight to go and then the border!  Plenty of work ahead of me.

While I was digging around in my fabric yesterday I also came across a bundle of fabric that I bought to do another quilt with and a packet of stuff that I have started doing a paper pieced quilt with.  When I dug out these blocks I found another two (oh my goodness) quilts that are only partly finished!!!  All of this work in progress.  I really need to stop finding new projects and start finishing ones I have already started!  I'd better get to it!

Take care

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