Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Footy Feast

Last night saw the first game of the State of Origin for the year.  In this house it means a lot of excitement from my husband.  Normally he spends most of his time yelling at the TV thinking that the players and refs can hear him I'm sure.

We had Bec and her partner coming for dinner so I thought some footy food was in order.  PIZZA!!  Not the bought type though as I had a falling out with a certain pizza company about 8 years ago (4 hours waiting and still no pizza) so we resorted to making our own pizzas at that time.  This means making the base in the bread maker and finding all types of contents in the fridge to put on them. 

First dish of the night was Creamy Corn Chowder (microwave recipe) that I made on the stove top, this was followed by the pizzas - two of them.
This one has salsa dip, onion, tomato. capsicum, mushroom (home grown), feta cheese, olives, salami, bacon, left over meat loaf, spinach and herbs (both home grown).  We only had 4 slices left, just enough for lunch.

Once we had all settled on the couch to watch the game, hubby got up and made dessert - ice cream in a cone.  Then it was game on.  Needless to say Queensland one so hopefully they can continue with that for the rest of the series!

Take care

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  1. Homemade pizza = YUM
    State of Origin = QUEENSLANDER!!!