Thursday, May 17, 2012

When life hand you lemons . . .

While visiting a very dear friend last weekend, she gave me some beautiful lemons.  They were given to her from her in-laws who grew them on their farm.
As the lemons were very ripe I need to use them.  I have been making our own cordial, as it tastes much better than the store bought type and therefore would only have to be better for you.  These lemons were destined to become another batch of cordial as our last lot had been finished for awhile.
So I ended up with 1 bottle of cordial and one jar.  The jar will probably go home with Emily, as she is coming to visit again this weekend.  Bec will have to wait until I make some lime cordial from the limes I have in the fridge.

If anyone is interested my cordial recipe is an old one from the Bundaberg CWA cookbook.

1kg sugar
2.5 cups of water
4 lemons juiced
1 tablespoon tartaric acid
1 teaspoon lemon essence (I don't worry about using this)

Boil the sugar and water together until the sugar dissolves.  Put in the tartaric acid and then leave it to cool.  Once cool add the lemon juice and bottle.
Keep in the fridge.

I have also made this cordial into lime or orange.  These both work well also.

I mentioned on Monday that I would be out on site helping my husband this week.  I went to work with him on Tuesday and thought I was going to get sacked after I broke his drop saw.  He can't get replacement parts so it will have to be thrown away.  Luckily he has a radial arm saw that I was able to use so I cut 175 wall studs for the job he is doing currently.

I went back to work with him today to help him stand the roof trusses!  This is the part I really hate as I am so worried that he will fall off the roof.  He didn't, so we ended up standing the trusses before I was told there was nothing else I could help with, so I was sent home.  Not before I went shopping to buy him a new mobile phone.  I turns out they don't bounce well when they hit concrete!  More expense, but not my fault this time.

This is what we have been working on!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Take care

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