Thursday, May 3, 2012


We received a letter from our youngest daughter during the week.  She lives out near Dalby with her lovely partner.  It get quite cold out there during the night so they have bought themselves a hot water bottle each.  In her letter she requested if I could make her some hot water bottle covers (maybe crochet), so lately in the evenings I have been working on them.  I have finished the one for her partner and am a quarter of the way through hers.  They are coming to visit next weekend so I have put my other projects on hold until I can get these completed for her and they can then take the covers home with them.  I will post some photos when they have been finished.

We are waiting on visitors who are arriving from Victoria this afternoon.  My Aunty and Uncle are driving up towing their caravan and are staying with us for the next three to four days.  It is always lovely having people stay, I really enjoy it.

We will be busy with them over the weekend along with catching up with some friends we met while on our holiday to the tip of Cape York last year.  They are visiting family while up from NSW so we really want to catch up with them while they're in town.

Our dog loves to go for bike ride too!
I was hoping to go for a bike ride this afternoon.  I love riding but not if it's too strenuous.  When I finished full time work to help my husband with his business I bought a bike with rear basket so I could take it to the shops if I only needed a couple of items.  I could also visit my parents or sister, each both live only four kilometers from me.  This would hopefully reduce my fuel consumption and give me exercise at the same time.  Unfortunately I have run out of time today to do that, but might manage to get a ride in over the weekend.  The weather is supposed to be lovely.

What are you doing for the weekend?

Take care

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