Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Have you ever checked your mail?  You obviously check your mail box, but have you ever checked the stamps?
Good old Australia Post sometimes neglect to postmark the stamps!  This means more money for me!  I tear that part of the envelope off and place it in a container of water.  Leave them to soak for awhile until the glue comes loose.

Then I carefully remove the stamp from the paper and leave it to dry on a tea towel!  You need to use glue to stick these stamps onto your new envelope but it is money saved. 

Just after I had finished these stamps another one showed up in the post, so now I have three stamps that cost me nothing at all!  Take the time to check your mail and remove the stamps that have not been postmarked.  I have saved them up before and had over $12.00 worth!  Amazing!!!
On a lighter note I took a photo of our poor dog last night.  She obviously had a very hard day yesterday.  Doing what I don’t know, but she often sleeps like this.  I wish I could.
She has her toy and everything!  You make us laugh Cindy.

Take care

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  1. Hi Andrea,
    I saw you request for help on Rhonda's blog. What sort of problems are you having? Maybe I can help since I also use blogger for my blog.