Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I hope everyone had a lovely mothers day yesterday.  I certainly did!

It all started with our daughter and her partner coming to visit for the weekend.  Boy did they have me busy though!

Special order for dinner Friday night which was curried chicken pie.  Because I had the oven on I thought I would cook a few goodies for them and us.

This was bread, savoury biscuits, jam drops and an orange and poppy seed cake.  That certainly kept me busy.
 I picked these carrotts for dinner Saturday night which was another special order of roast chicken.
 Op shopping Saturday with them both in one I found this crochet magazine.  It is only fall last year (American) so not very old and has some terrific projects in it.  I just hope I get to do some of them. :(
 Then Mother's Day!  An early trip to the local markets to buy our fresh produce.  I found Maleny Milk was there with a stall so I had to buy some beautiful Camembert and Feta! 

Our eldest daugher, R and her partner came for morning tea, and gave me a wonderful home made cake and Jamie Oliver cookbook.
R and her partner
 Our youngest daugher E, and her partner came with us to the markets.  E gave me a CD by Eliza Dolittle.  I love her song Pack Up.  It is so bright and cheery just like E.
E and her partner

She's an alien!  Watch out D!

Cake made by R and iced in my favourite colour with a love heart!

Love heart shaped leaf given by E!  Too cute.
E kept me busy Saturday night with cushion cover making. (We'd made a trip to Spotlight.)  Shortening PJ pants and repairing one of her partners pair of pants.  Don't know how he got such a large rip in them, but they are his favourite pair of pants apparently!
Cushion cover we made
This week I'm off to the job site with hubby to help with framing a house!  Yeah!  I hope everyone else has a lovely week.

Take care

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  1. Glad you liked your cake :D hope dad shared it with you