Monday, May 28, 2012

Gardening and a Postcard

Tuesday 29th May 2012

I thought I would take some photos of my vegetables to show you how much they have grown.  It always amazes me how quickly plants grow, but the special things about vegetables is you get something to eat at the end!  How wonderful is that?
If you look back at the photo from this post you can see how much the cabbages have grown!  It might not be too long before we have to make a flyscreen cover to keep the grubs out.  Hopefully I will get cabbages from all these plants, there is approximately six plants.

I have been busy keeping an eye on my zucchini everyday as there are flowers opening on the plants already.  I have tried growing zucchini before but haven't had any success.  The plants are always lovely and healthy but no fruit, then I read somewhere that if you don't have bees around you have to pollinate the female flowers yourself!  It is easy to tell the difference between the male and female flowers as the female flowers have a baby zucchini on the base of them, so I have been busy as a bee!!  Ha Ha, get it!!

Never mind.....

Because of my efforts I have a couple of fruit on the plants but here is a picture of my biggest one (approx 4 inches long).
Isn't it wonderful!!!  As you can see there are plenty more flowers growing so hopefully plenty more zucchini.

I have mentioned in a previous post that I was going to have a go at planting some potatoes that had sprouted in the cupboard.  I have had success.  I think all bar one of the potatoes have grown.  I had been trying to hill up the ground around the plants to give us more potatoes but it is difficult to do unless you have a large garden, so I have made some boxes to place over the plants and that will keep the soil where I want it.

When I fill to the top of the box with soil I will just let the plant grow out,  after it flowers and the vine starts to die I will harvest the crop and hopefully have some beautiful home grown vegetables.
Look what I got in the mailbox yesterday.

A postcard from my parents.  They are on a holiday to Canada, Alaska and America.  They left approximately 4 weeks ago and will be home this weekend.  How beautiful is this postcard?  I love how all the shops (I think they are shops) are painted lovely colours.  It makes you want to hop right in there, although I wouldn't want to be there during a storm.  Check out the pier they are built on, I can imagine that they would sway a bit in a good storm. Yikes!

I went to see a couple of friends today, I went to school with their son, and while I was there they were kind enough to give me a jar of home made lime marmalade, pickled green chillies and pickled bell chillies.  They also dug up a few small bell chili plants that I will have to get into the ground this afternoon.  How generous are they.  I hope your lucky enough to have people like that around you.

Take care

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