Sunday, June 3, 2012

What a weekend!

Monday 4th June 2012

I haven't had much to post about lately as I have been trying to finish off a couple of projects I have started.  Friday morning I had a text message from one of my beautiful friends asking if she could come over for a cuppa and a chat.  As the weather was going to be wet we had decided not to go to our daughter's place for the weekend so I was free.  (Hopefully we'll make it there this weekend.)

I then got a text from my brother-in-law asking if I could mind his 6 year old daughter as she wasn't feeling well and needed to stay home from school.  So this led me to look after this beautiful girl for the day.
 This meant loads of crafting, so we got out some old jars and she covered them with scraps of fabric after which we (I) cut a hole in the lids to turn them into money boxes.  She made one for herself and one for her younger brother.  Note the pink nail polish.  My girlfriend is training to be a beautician and so painted nails were the order of the day - pink with glitter over the top!
 I have been gradually removing plants from alongside our driveway through the week (hope to plant some fruit trees here) and one of the plants I removed was a grass, so then we had to do some weaving.  Would you believe it took me approximately and hour to help her make this!  She couldn't wait to show it to her older brother.
I woke on Saturday morning to some terrible news.  An old school friend lost his son in a terrible accident late Friday evening.  The boy was only sixteen.  I makes you realise to appreciate each and every day.  I haven't been able to get the family out of my mind.  It is something, as a parent, you never want to deal with.  I send my thoughts and prayers to the family involved and hope they can come out of this terrible ordeal.

Saturday morning was wet so off to do our monthly shopping.  As I do the bulk of my shopping at Aldi I always make my hubby come with me as I find it too difficult to do on my own.  We stopped at a local pool shop on the way home to buy some chlorine.  The concrete around our house had become mouldy and dangerous.  We spent an hour or so treating this and then down the driveway to pull out another plant!  We loaded up the back of the ute with stuff for the dump and tried to time a trip there in between the rain.
This is me in my wet weather gear.  A picture of glamour!  Actually the boots and jacket are my daughters and the socks are hubby's.  Notice the terribly skinny legs poking out the bottom of my pants! LOL
Can you see the couple of doves sitting close together trying to stay warm.  Not a very warm place to sit mind you as they would have been getting all the wind sitting way up there.  Sorry about the blurry photo, they were a long way up and it was hard to zoom in on them.

So I really hope everyone takes each day as it comes and appreciates all the little things.  You never know what the future holds.

Take care

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