Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Bliss

Monday 25th June 2012

We had a quiet weekend this time round.  Ron had to work on Saturday :(  This will be the norm around here for awhile as he has plenty of work to catch up on.  Such a blessing after a quiet year last year.
We have Em and Dave visit for the weekend again.  One of Emily's requests was, "could she do some baking? " I had no problems with this but as I had been around before while she worked in the kitchen I decided that it would be best for me to retreat to my craft room!  This allowed me to get some long term projects finished.
 First off the rank was this mini quilt I started years ago.  From memory it was a freebie off the Internet but I can't remember where?  It depicts Noah and his animals for the ark.  These are really small blocks and after doing all the embroidery and piecing it sat in my cupboard, basting done and everything.  All I had to do was quilt and bind.  The quilting was done and binding sewn on but I just lacked the motivation to hand stitch the binding down at the back.  Saying that it did get done and is now hanging on my wall until it can find a home somewhere else.  Maybe a special gift for someone!

Then it was on to a bag I had started and just had to put the handles on.  My collection is slowly growing but I still can't decide how I am going to sell them.  Online (etsy or ebay), local markets or maybe a morning tea at home?  I just can't decide.  In the meantime it gives me the opportunity to increase my stock.
I love this bright fabric and wish I had bought more of it.  The handles were attached by making button holes in the top of the bag and threading the handles through.  I then secured the handles with a zig-zag stitch and put bright buttons on for a bit of fun.

I eventually ventured out from my sewing to make some lunch and was confronted by ALL of my bench tops covered in cooking paraphernalia and chocolate everywhere.  She did a marvelous job though as she made a cheese ball, coffee biscuits for her father muffins, and a chocolate cake and slice, which she shared with us.  She also did a great job cleaning up all the mess and left my kitchen in nearly the state it was in before she started.  (I was still finding chocolate smeared around after she went home!)

I have always loved the look of penny rugs and amazed at their story so I thought I would make a modern version of my own.  As I have enough "things" in my house I choose bright felts keeping Emily in mind.  (She loves bright colours.)  I was a bit concerned she wouldn't like it but needn't have worried.

This is my version of a penny rug.

A close up of the design.
I have something in mind for Bec also but will have to wait to make it and give it to her before I can show you a picture.

The weather is really chilly and wet, not good for Ron's work or the vegetables.  We are still getting handfuls of beans and now the peas have started.  I love being able to put food on the table that we have grown ourselves.  The zucchini had slowed down dramatically but are now starting to produce flowers in abundance.  They are struggling with powdery mildew at the moment, so once the rain clears later in the week I shall have a go at removing some of the older leaves and spraying the others with 50:50 milk and water mix.  This is supposed to help, so I'll give it a go.

Snow peas and purple beans.  The beans change to green once they have been cooked.
Take care (and stay warm)

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  1. Everything is simply gorgeous, especially your version of the Penny Rug...

    Jodie :)