Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Wednesday 20th June 2012

I am one very lucky girl.  When Ron got home from work yesterday he said he had a gift for me.  That normally means work and when I complained he said he two gifts for me.  By this time I was really thinking it would be work, but I was wrong!

He first presented me with a green shopping bag, and when I peeked inside it had lemonade fruit in it!
How yummy do they look?  I have a recipe for orange jam that I've been wanting to try so I will do that with these.  I'll let you know how it goes.

The second gift was.............................

.............................some beautiful roses in a bucket!  I didn't leave them in there of course.  They were quickly put into a vase.
I placed them next to my chair where I sit in the evening so I could admire and smell them all night.  They smell divine.

He is working on a property at the moment where the flowers and fruit are just falling on the ground so he brought some home for me to enjoy.  How spoilt am I?

I bought some fruit trees today.  A lemon, orange and lime so hopefully I will get them planted this afternoon.  One step closer to my mini orchard.

Take care

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