Monday, June 11, 2012

Church, Camping and Quinalow

Tuesday 12th June 2012

Well my weekend started on Friday when I had to finish work early to go to Church.  My nephew and God son was confirmed on Friday, into the Catholic Church.  I was very privileged to be invited along to the ceremony and then for a light lunch later.  The school he attends is a Catholic school and therefore the Church was on the school grounds and just a short walk later we arrived at the high school home economics building for a lovely lunch of sandwiches and some cakes.
The above photo is of Max and my sister who is directly behind him.  My sister was his sponsor.

After lunch I made a mad run home to finish packing the caravan.  We went camping for the long weekend at Quinalow to see this beautiful girl....
We were lucky enough to spend the entire weekend with Emily and her partner Dave.  It did mean that I had to put the electric blanket on the bed and we took the heater also as they had been having nights of 0 to 2 degrees!  We were lovely and toasty in our van.

Saturday we all piled into our cars and went for a drive to a place call Jondaryn to see a heavy horse show.  They had some beautiful horses there and luckily the rain held off.  While we were there we met Dave parents, Ian and Jenny. 
Wouldn't you love to ride around in this everyday?  I would.  I imagine that the tyres would give you a reasonably comfortable ride, although it would take you ages to get anywhere.

Here are a couple of cowboys looking at the horses.  Only joking this is from the left, Dave, Dave's father Ian and my hubby Ron.  I love this photo of them all.  As you can tell by the jumpers the weather was a bit chilly.

On Sunday we went for a scenic drive into Dalby.  This meant down lots of dirt roads and lots of unhappiness from Emily.  We got to see where she works, although the library was closed.

We had a look around an antique store packed with goodies, where I bought an old lamp.  The gentleman that I purchased it from informed me that it is heavy on the bottom as it has a weight in it.  It is a night light for a baby!  How cute, but I don't think I would like to leave it in a room with a child.

Emily and I went to a couple of plant nurseries where we drooled over the plants and the items in the gift shop.  I have yet to get to my local nursery to buy some fruit trees.  The ones out there where really expensive, nearly $40.00 each!

Back at the caravan park I noticed a lemon tree with quite a bit of fruit on it, so we got a bag and picked some.  I was able to bring them home with me.  The fruit is only small but it smells heavenly.  I am going to have a go at making my own citrus cleaner with the peel.  It should smell great.

For the three days we had been away some of my zucchini had grown big enough to be picked.  I love being able to go out to the garden and pick my own fresh produce.

These zucchini inspired me to make a zucchini pie and some salad.  It was cold outside and a warm meal would've been lovely also, but I couldn't let this fresh produce to to waste.

Nearly everything you see on this plate was grown by me.  The zucchini for the pie, the lettuce and spinach leaves, the tomato and the carrot.  I pickled the beetroot and the pickled bell pepper was grown and pickled by a friend.  The cheese was the only thing not homemade!  I think that is an amazing effort.

Take care

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