Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a worry!

Monday 18th June 2012

Have you been to your local rubbish dump lately?  I help hubby with cleaning up one of our job sites yesterday and we had to make a trip to the local tip.  Our rubbish dump encourages you to sort your rubbish and place items in the correct areas.  They have areas for concrete, timber, steel, tyres and garden waste.  We had some concrete that we put in the correct area and some plastic and particle board we had to take to the tip face.

I was shocked.  There were cars lining up to empty trailers etc.  I didn't know there was so many people were going to the tip.  The only time we seem to go is if we have a large amount of green waste.  Even then I try and run over it with the mower and put it on the garden as mulch.

When a position became vacant for us to park and we got out, people were throwing away all sorts of things that could be recycled!  There was cardboard, toys, furniture, clothing and too many other items to list.  This was then get loaded into large bins and moved to a pit where it was getting dumped!  Come on people don't you realize what you are doing to the environment?

We recycle as much as we can and as a consequence we only have one, or at the most two bags of rubbish a week.  I am talking shopping bags and not the larger ones you have to buy.  I am shocked to know that while there are some people who care, the majority don't!  It is certainly a throw away society.  Thank goodness our rubbish dump encourages recycling otherwise there would be a lot more going into landfill.  Lazy people just have to sort their rubbish and place it in the correct areas.

On the topic of recycling, I did some of my own on the weekend and came up with a bag for myself.  This is going to be my Market bag to use when we buy our produce at the local markets.  It is a good size and I should be able to fit most things in this bag.
I made this out of some old covers from our stools, so it is more like a canvas than anything else.  This will make it super strong for carrying.  I lined the inside with an old pillow case that I had.  It had a couple of marks on it but nobody will see it as it is only the lining.  I was hoping to use it on the weekend and give you a report but hubby had to work and I wasn't feeling the best on Sunday.  Never mind, next weekend.

I have also been making other bags.  This one I'm not 100% happy with.  It looks okay now but I think I need to do some fine tuning.  I still not happy with the way it gapes open and will have to come up a solution to keep it closed.  I was very fiddly and time consuming but I will probably have a go at another one.

I made a singed flower to place on the front of this and I think it balances the black on the other side well.

On the gardening front.  I have still to get some fruit trees but my local nursery wants $30 for each tree and I'm sure they sell them at the markets for $20 each.  As I want 4 or 5 plants it will save me up to $50.  So I will just have to wait until I can get up there and have a look.

The vegetables are still doing well.  We have been eating the English spinach, Pak Choi, lettuce, zucchini and tomatoes and tonight we will have some beans.

I hope to be able to keep us going with vegetables until Sunday when I will definitely have to make a trip to buy some produce.

I have decided that because Ron has been working so hard lately (I have hardly seen him) I am going to cook him one of his favourite meals tonight.  Meat pie with mushy peas, mashed potato and gravy and off course our HUGE amount of beans!

Take care

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