Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Changes in the air

Wednesday 4th July 2012

We are having some major life changes in our family at the moment.  Our eldest daughter got engaged to her partner on the weekend.  I can't believe she is old enough even though I was engaged at 18!  She is extremely happy and her fiance gave her a lovely ring.

Our youngest daughter and her partner are moving into a house this weekend and that is extremely exciting for them too as they had been living in a caravan.

Things have been rather quiet on the home front as I have been helping hubby quote a house.  I did however start another garden yesterday.  I love the excitement of productive plants growing and we have an area along our garage wall that wasn't being put to use.  This is an awkward area as it is north facing and gets quite hot during the summer.  I did some research and found that herbs are best suited to this type of area, so I have planted oregano, thyme, lemon grass and sage.  I also moved my rosemary from its pot along with my capsicum and a self seeded tomato, so we'll see how they all go.  I did intersperse the herbs with some everlasting daisies and sweet peas to climb over the old gate.
This area is only small but hopefully I can turn it into a productive area!

I received a present in the post last week from Emily.  She had kindly thought of me and my love of crochet so purchased a magazine for me and sent it in the mail.  There are some lovely items in this I would love to make, and I think the suggestion from Emily that she likes the milky way blanket could be taken as a hint?

The days are lovely and mild at the moment but the nights and mornings have been really chilly.  I am not a fan of winter and hate to feel cold.  I try and spend as much time as possible outside in the sunshine to try and combat the cold.  Our little dog has struggled to get out of bed too.  She curled up under the blankets yesterday morning and when I tried to pick up her she flopped back down.  I think she thought that if she couldn't walk she would get to stay there all day!

I believe she is hoping I won't notice her.
Due to the fact that I have been working in the office doing a quote I have been inclined to put surplus items in my sewing room.
This was the scene that greeted me Monday morning.  Hubby's shirts hanging up needing repairing - done.  Fabric not put away - done. Wool not put away - done.  General mess and untidiness - mostly done.

Ron is going to make a cutting table for me one day with shelves underneath.  At the moment I am using an old camping table but this is a bit low and as I am reasonably tall I have to bend to use it.  The new table is going to be around bench height so cutting out will be a lot easier for me.

Do you have a room where everything seems to land?

Take care

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  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my little blog!
    I have recently set up a sewing studio and I have been using a bifold table from Officeworks as my cutting table. It is about 2 m long, but folds in half to transport or pack away. I leave it set up in my studio for cutting and as a work table for my sewing projects.
    It doubles as an extra table for entertaining or to take when camping.