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Tuesday 31 July 2012

As mentioned in my post we had Emily here for the weekend.  One of the first things she mentioned when she got here was a desire to go to Spotlight.  OK with me as they were having a 30% off all fabrics and I also had a $5 voucher to spend.  Needless to say I walked out with some fabric and a couple of balls of wool.  Emily bought an abundance of things one of which was a craft wood tissue box cover which she wanted to cover with pretty paper.

Somehow this always means that I end up doing it because she runs out of time.  This was the case again this time. 

I am going to spend a couple of days with her at her house and when I walked into the craft room this morning the tissue box cover was still at the same stage of covering as when she left on Sunday.  So this morning I have been busy trying to get it finished to take out to her.
Am I the only one who can't so no, especially to my children?  The wool I bought is for another project that my mother has started for my nephew and she asked if I would be able to complete it for her.  I will post a photo of that once it is done.

We had some lovely weather on the weekend.  The mornings are cold but the days are lovely, up to 21C during the afternoon.  I managed to pick some peas on Sunday, not many, but enough for Ron and I.  We had them with our roast lamb last night and they were delicious.
Later in the afternoon we had to go and get some firewood from some friends so I took along some afternoon tea.  While the men were busy cutting the wood and filling up the back of the ute my girlfriend and I planted some free plants I took for her.

Lemon delicious slice and lemon meringue slice!
I had to go and do a colour selection with a client yesterday and while we were at the floor covering store I found this great mat.
Don't you just love the rainbow of colours?  I know someone by the name of Emily that would love this if she was allowed!

I have heaps to do today
  • type a tender for a job
  • make Ron dinner - done
  • ironing - done
  • washing - done
  • go up street to collect mirror for Ron's ute and contact solution
  • sweep floors
  • clean bathroom
  • bake bread
  • post letters
  • pack - WARM clothes. Freezing out there!
So I had better get moving so I can get it all done!

Take care

PS  I have found a recipe for a coconut, walnut and raspberry cake I will share shortly!

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