Friday, July 27, 2012

Try again

Saturday 28th July 2012

I completely forgot about the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony!  How could I do that after being bombarded with it all week on the news?  Too wrapped up in what is happening to me I suppose and not paying attention.  I would like to wish all the Australian athletes the best of luck and you have already made your country proud!

On a completely different note!

I did manage to find the time the other day to work on my version of the "green bag" and after I had put it all together and placed some groceries in it to see how I went, I realized I had made an error.  My bag was HUGE!!!  Way to big to fill with items as it would simply make it too heavy.  After remeasuring it against one of the store produced bags I had made the sides of my bag 10cm to wide. :(

I will now have to reverse sew (unpick) it and try again.  I am thinking I might not even make the sides, I think a simple tote shape would suffice as I often find that when Ron loads up the bags we do have they are too heavy.  This just means I will have to make more trips back and forth to the car, but I can just put this down to exercise.
Way to big!

I did manage to make more pumpkin chutney and have already given one jar away.  I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen and managed to make a lemon cake, lemon slice - to reduce the glut of lemons I have at the moment.  I also made some savoury cheese biscuits, a tomato and onion pie for dinner and an apple tart for desert.  The pie did us for that meal and two lunches each, and the apple tart was more than enough for two nights worth of desert.

While visiting my Aunt at my parents place the other day, she made a comment on what I was wearing.  I have to confess that most of my clothing comes from the opportunity shops.  I love it when I get dressed and really take note of what I am wearing that I realize that most of the items I may have on for that day have been thrifted.  This happened to me today, so I thought I would take a photo and try to show you.  You will have to excuse my photo as it isn't easy taking one of yourself.
All of these items were found at the opportunity shop.  Jeans were around $11.00, striped t $7.95, cardi $7.95 and scarf $3.95.  A complete outfit just over $30.00.  Can't complain about that.  I will try and post more photos when I can of thrifted outfits.

On the garden front,  things are still a little slow.  The Pak Choi seeds I planted last Sunday have poked their heads up and the turnips and snow peas are still going strong.  I am a little worried about my zucchini as they aren't doing anything at all, and could very well be past their used by dates.  I have given a couple of lettuce away to Bec and the two that I have been picking leaves from when needed are starting to go to seed, so it is time to remove them.  I have a few still coming I planted from seed, and the English spinach is still yielding enough for us.

We are still waiting on the cabbage but so far the cabbage moth hasn't found them.  Hope that continues.  In my new garden bed the self seeded tomato is really starting to take off.  It likes being up against the north facing wall and all the warmth it provides.  My capsicum is showing sides of flowering, so I hope to get a few fruit from it.  I have already been picking the herbs from this garden as they have grown really well in the short time they have been in.

I was almost tempted to brave the Saturday morning traffic (I swear it is worse than during the week) and make my way down to the green grocers but have since decided against it and will make do with what I have in the fridge and garden.  I will make a trip to the market tomorrow to restock.

I have discovered a lovely blog in the UK so please wander over and say hello Mrs Thrift.  She has an interesting recipe for pea pod soup that I am going to try!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  We will as we have Emily visiting us again.

Take care

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