Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Wednesday 20th July 2012

I am tired of the rain.  Most days this month it has rained.  This has made it next to impossible to work outside and is only holding Ron up on his jobs.  We have been able to get one job completed and this will be getting handed over to the clients on Friday!  I love being able to hand the jobs over as it gives me a sense of completion.  I only wish the rain would go away so we could get on with the other jobs. :{

Job ready for handover!
We had Emily and Dave here for the weekend.  Unfortunately Dave's grandfather passed away last week so they had to come down for the funeral.  Not the best circumstances.  It did give Emily a change to catch up with Bec and they spent the day together shopping and watching a movie.  We ended up with them all here for tea Sunday night which is always great.  I love having everyone here together.

Not much has been happening on the craft front.  Too busy cleaning for handover.  I have completed the back of the cardi I am crocheting and am now up to the sleeves.  This confused me for awhile but hopefully it should be full steam ahead on that now.  I have some great ideas for recycling of old jumper so when I have done that I will be sure to post some photos.

Hopefully the weather will improve shortly and things can start happening again.

Take care

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