Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another Penny Rug

Thursday 12th July 2012

Remember a couple of posts back I showed you my version of a penny rug for Emily.  I had been busy working on one for Bec and last night I was able to give it to her.
I'm calling it village on the green.  Bec has a round dining table so I though the round shape would suit it best.

I really enjoy sewing with felt as I find it quite easy.

We had some exciting news on the family front last week.  Bec and her partner Rana are now engaged!  I keep thinking she is too young to be engaged but then I remind myself that I was 18 when Ron and I became engaged.  It is just hard to believe my babies are growing up.  It seems like yesterday that I was nagging them to clean up their toys.  Time flies!

Leftovers for dinner tonight.  I have some spaghetti bog casserole left over from dinner last night and some potato from the night before.  I will turn the potato into some fritters and just add a few bits and pieces to the meal to fill us both up.  Then for desert I have some leftover chocolate self saucing pudding and custard from last night also.  I love leftover meals as it means I almost get a night off cooking.  I don't mind cooking it is just thinking of different things to have each night that gets to me.

We were going to take ourselves out for dinner Saturday night for a treat, but I have just finished speaking to one of my beautiful friends and have invited her and her family for dinner that night instead.  We haven't caught up for awhile and they are moving away in a few months so I have to make the most of them living close.  I think I will do a roast for dinner as it is lovely and warm on these cold wet days.  Then I will finish it off with this custard poke cake I found here.  I can get this made tomorrow and then that is done!

I'm off to do some ironing now as Ron hasn't any clothes for work tomorrow!

Take care

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