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Tuesday 7th August 2012

We have a family tradition, if you could call it that.  When my mother was expecting me and then later my sister shoe crocheted a blanket for each of us.  I still have mine and I'm almost certain my sister still has hers.
The above photo is of my blanket.  This is barely cot size and was made using any scraps of wool that my mother had at the time.  The squares were surrounded by cream wool and a few years ago I had to crochet around the entire blanket to help keep it together.  This blanket is 41 years old.  I love that she made it out of what she had.

When I was expecting both of my children I again made them a blanket each.  Bec's was quite a good size, but Emily's was only a small square one.  I think I was just tired after chasing around a toddler all day that I didn't have the energy to make Emily's bigger.

My sister doesn't crochet, so my mother made each of her children (five) a blanket each, all except the youngest.  She had made the granny squares but still wanted to go around them each one more time and then put them together.  She asked me if I would mind assisting her with this task, so I was given all the granny squares and bought some black wool to tie them all in together.  This was something I worked on while visiting Emily last week and last night I finished it!

I haven't hidden all the ends, but thought Mum could do that part, as I really hate it!  At least all of the grandchildren have their own blankets now!

Sunday night for dinner I made a spinach and ricotta pie.  I made the ricotta and the spinach was from my garden.  While I will never be able to grow enough food for us to be self sufficient I love being able to put something I have grown on the table each night.

There was enough pie left over for Ron's and my lunch yesterday, so I thought I would take a photo before it was all gone.
Yesterday afternoon I managed to make some more lemon cordial.  We are still trying to work our way through the glut of lemons.  Hopefully we will be using our own lemons next year as my tree has flowers on it!  The orange tree is showing signs of flowering also, while the lime is a bit slow.  I can't wait to pick my own fruit!

Take care

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