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Tuesday 28th August 2012

Well I have arrived home safe and sound from my trip to Darwin.  What an amazing place!  The weather was gorgeous and the city so clean.  I had a fabulous time with my Aunt and loved the warm temperature.
The sunsets in Darwin are amazing and each night it got better and better.
This was the first night and even though we were a little late there was still plenty of the red glow left.

The second night found us at the Mindil Markets, which are famous in Darwin for the food stalls and craft.  Nearly everyone at the markets made their way down to the beach for the sunset.

You can see the people sitting on the beach here.  As soon as the sun had set they all made their way back over the dunes to the markets.
The third evening we were at a restaurant have dinner and this was the view!  Why would you want to be anywhere else?

We did spend time exploring Darwin which involved going on a heritage walk around the city.

The old town hall that Cyclone Tracy blew down in 1974

Government house - stands on the top of a cliff and overlooking the harbour!
We also visited Crocosauras Cove to have a look at the crocodiles!  The photo below is some baby one.  They just floated on the surface of the water without any effort what-so-ever.  There was plenty of them also!

 The adult crocodiles were over 5m long and weighed over 700kg.  They laid so still it was had to believe they were alive.  They looked just like a giant plastic replica, but I wouldn't want to mess with one!

On the home front we are missing our little dog :(  She was taken ill on Sunday and I had to take her to the vet yesterday morning where they admitted her.  She has been vomiting for the past 3 days and we don't know what is wrong with her.  It is just like one of your children getting sick and not a happy time for us at the moment.  We aren't sure when she will be permitted to come home.

I have picked some more turnips from the garden and given some of them away along with some cabbages and snow peas.

I think we have probably harvested 3 kilos of snow peas off the 6 plants.  I get a decent handful most days and we certainly have more than we can use so I am happy to pass them on.

I have removed all of the cabbages and now have some cucumber, cherry tomato and beans to plant.  I have also bought a blueberry bush and will be planting it in the garden along the drive along with some pumpkin.  The citrus trees I planted earlier are flowering so hopefully this will mean some fruit for next year.  It is all so very exciting growing your own food and most nights we have something we have grown from the garden in our meal.

I love the change of season from winter to spring.  It is as though the plants are awake again.  My wisteria has just started flowering and the vine is covered with buds.  I love the look and fragrance of these blooms and each year I get excited to see how many flowers it produces.  It seems to be more and more each time.

I hope everyone else is enjoying the warmer weather and abundance of plants!

Take care

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