Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anzac Day

Today is the day that we remember all of the men and women that fought and worked to keep our country free!  It makes me so proud to be Australian so much so it almost brings a tear to my eye.  What a wonderful place to live!

My daughter is lucky enough to live on a road where the Anzac Parade in her area passes right in front of her door.  Below is the photo she sent me this morning as the march went by.

We had a quiet night last night with leftovers for tea as I have joined Rhonda from down to earth blogspot with a food challenge.  There is only two of us at home now so eating should be alot more simple and cheaper.  Last nights meal consisted of left over chicken and corn soup, with some meat pie and potato bake to follow and then later in the night we had a baked jam rolly polly with cream.  Yum!

Tommorrow I will try and show some more of the crafts I have been working on lately!

Take care

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